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Don't OVARY ACT !!

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

If this monthly flood of ours makes you uncomfortable, maybe I should remind you where did you come from. I am not a morning person but waking up with periods is another struggle of life.I remember my boyfriend getting irritated with my mood swings and back-pain, he hated me during my periods and I am sure a lot of girls must be going through this.I want to remind every princess that don’t forget that your boyfriend exists because his mother had periods. What makes us ashamed of it? The very reason that we were born is periods.Getting your period can be annoying, painful, and detrimental to your wardrobe and your plans. But I can give you reasons to be thankful for having your periods.

💫One in eight women experience infertility, so being able to conceive is not something we should take for granted. “I am thankful for my periods because it is an outward, visible sign of my fertility, which is a tremendous gift.

💫 Periods is a good indicator of a lot of women's health issues.

💫There’s something so empowering and freeing about knowing the patterns in your personal cycle. It gives clarity to the emotions and feelings you experience. So, think about it?

Next time when he tells you that he can’t meet you because you are on your periods, remind him about the reason he exists. Many women and girls are also unable to get hold of sanitary pads and struggle to dispose them hygienically due to period stigma and period shame. Many girls often miss school because they are bullied for getting periods, pain or because they cannot afford sanitary wear as it is very expensive. Overtime, this impacts their education and very often, after years of struggling without adequate sanitary wear, menstruation can push young girls to drop out of school. Don’t you think periods are as precious as you are. It’s personal and has the power to give birth to a new life! A woman was created to have periods as a way of continuing humanity. So ladies should be proud of them; and not ashamed of them.

Men and boys should on the other hand also be supportive of the women when they are on their periods because it is a normal thing to happen. Girls, you should be proud of yourself for having periods. It is our society that made us to think it is a bad stigma. The so called 'society' is the biggest reason to create a divide between girls and boys. But the society doesn’t really understand how much pain does a girls or a woman has to bear while on her periods. Girls should feel proud if they get periods because she is the only reason that the next generation will come to life. Never be ashamed of the blood stains. This is what differentiates you from the men out there. I have to say one thing that if boys would suffer from these Periods then they can’t hold this pain for single minute. Really a big and great SALUTE from my side to the Modern World Strength.! Don’t be shy say it clearly “ Yes I am on Periods”. Thank you

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