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Introducing men in menstruation

Remember 6th grade workshop held only for “girls” and all weird excuses we gave to our male friends for why there were only female attendees. It all started back then. Apart from the menstrual hygiene which was taught in the workshop we learnt some untaught behaviors as well. From then, we (girls) learnt that periods are something to be kept as a secret as if it was some terrorist attack plan (poor pun). And the ignorant gender ( i.e. the men ) remain unaware about something which is as general as breathing.There are certain perceptions and opinion that males have regarding periods which we all get in acquaintance of now and then. I would like to share and quote a few I went through while doing the research for this blog and they will definitely make you go ROFL!* "No one's pregnant! It's like a little milestone every month.* “In college, I had a male friend who once asked me if menstrual cycles had anything to do with the moon. He asked it half-seriously, with a sheepish tone that implied he didn’t really believe that the moon’s gravitational pull caused blood to ebb and flow like the tides, but, well, just making sure, there was definitely no connection there, right?”* A guy thought women could choose to begin bleeding the way people choose when to go to the bathroom. One time, when his female friend mentioned something about needing to find a tampon, he asked her why she couldn’t just hold it in.Still wondering why there is need to do so? Why need to educate the ignorants, let them be. How it would make any difference or matter (this isn’t any issue related to country’s economy. right? ) . Let’s brush up some incidences which we all go through at some point in our life. To begin with, those deadly period cramps and pain which leave us immobile and bed ridden. And on the top of it you don’t have your female companion who would understand and help you out. Now imagine your husband/boyfriend/brother knowing about your condition and getting you medicine or some warm liquid to drink. Sounds such a relief! This is where the need arises. Lets take another incidence, you are on your period and at some public spot. There is a red spot on your pants. An issue to panic about? Sounds embarrassing? WHY? AND FROM WHOM? ISN’T IS NATURAL? Yes, you know this is natural. But unfortunately most of the men at that same place do not. Here comes the need to educate men. And finally the PMS(Premenstrual Syndrome) which even most of the females are not aware of. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman's period. How wonderful it would be if men understood your mood swings and give us the warmth and affection that we require around that period. These are very few basic day to day instances. There are numerous taboos and myths which make women feel menstruation as a curse. If men would support to fight against these superstitions maybe then this “curse” could be counted as a ”blessing” and womanhood is cherished. I hope now I am making sense for why there comes the need. Its such a pity that the majority of population which is men is not aware and is insensitive about a major aspect of womanhood. Its high time that menstrual cycle is acknowledged as a natural bodily function that every women go through NEARLY HER ENTIRE LIFE and she does that with GRACE. Periods are a sign of a healthy and strong women , so why feel ashamed to talk about it. Let’s remove all the doubts that our ignorant gender have about this mysterious subject for them-PERIODS. Let’s stand tall and together well informed about menstruation to bring a change in the society where menstruation is still considered a social stigma.

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