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Hola people! Read the news about GST exemptions? It had sanitary napkins in the list as well! Finally the hustle of all the leading campaigns held for this cause came to an end. Now we need not pay the heavy and unnecessary tax applied on a basic necessity (cheers!).

First let me brief you the facts and figures about the exemption.

So earlier like before GST came into existence the VAT (i.e. Value Added Tax) on sanitary napkins was 14% and after GST it drop down to 12%. And on 21 july, 2018 it finally went from 12% to 0% now. Now the reactions to this news....there might be people indifferent to it then there are girls thanking Modi government on social media with #thankyoumodiji for considering female hygiene.

According to finance ministry officials the exemption will not reduce prices instead the prices may rise and the list of opinions continues.....but we cannot deny the fact that the issue of menstrual stigma and hygiene is being considered in a developing country with a lot of important issues to deal with. So thumbs up to the effort atleast keeping the business aside.

There might be issues with the prices and domestic producers’ extinction from market and what not! But for us the ladies it’s a moment of extreme joy not only because the prices went down for a few bucks but because the need of ours has been considered and actions have been taken to take care of it. It makes me ecstatic to know that in our male dominant society our government is listening to the voice of the women.



Everyone has done there bit. The campaigns were successful. The government also did their job by releasing taxes on sanitary napkins. So now whose turn? YOURS. What next should be done? HELP EACH OTHER. Guys when the efforts are made every single day by communities, governments, non-profit organisations then why not we at our individual level try to bring a change. If you are fortunate enough to know the importance of menstrual hygiene then you should be equally concerned about the ones who aren’t.

There might be ladies in your surrounding who might have no idea about it. If you have any Please do your bit and spread awareness. These reduction in prices may not affect us as we know the importance. But the not so privileged section who might not want to spend their money on sanitary napkins may now think about it. You can begin with your maid who comes to your house. Just educate them a little about the need and also easy and cheap availability of sanitary napkins. Understand your responsibility and the positive impact you could bring into their lives with a small effort of yours.

None of the efforts taken by any organisation will be fruitful if we don’t actively participate in it. What’s the use of this GST exemption if women still not use pads during menstruation?

All my girlies and ladies….. everything has been served in a platter and it now your turn to make some efforts to eat!

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