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India though on the verge of being the superpower in the near future still lacks the issue of providing basic amenities to its citizens. One of the disturbing issues in the country where the

women have been given the status of goddesses in mythology have been devoid of basic rights even to their own menstrual hygiene and self cleanliness.

Poverty, ignorance & superstitions are discouraging factor in use of sanitary pads.


According to a report by market research group AC Nielsen, “Sanitary Protection: Every Woman’s Health Right”, 88% of women in India are driven to use ashes, newspapers, sand husks dried leaves and other hygienic practices during their periods.


As a result of these unhygienic practices, more than 70% of women suffer from reproductive

tract infections, increasing the risk of contracting associated cancers.

Inadequate menstrual protection and unhygienic menstrual practices may also lead to infertility. Cervical cancer, (poor menstrual hygiene being a prime cause) kills around 72000 Women in India every year posing as a serious threat to the society.

"Menstrual hygiene and education is the key to keep girls in school" 

"43 percent of Indian women don't have access to sanitary pads"

"Only 30% women use sanitary napkins in rural Haryana"

"36% women feel uncomfortable buying sanitary napkins: WHO report"

"67 percent women have had to borrow a sanitary essential from a friend, colleague or family member"

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